FRIDAY 15th JULY 2022

ZOOT MONEY (keyboards/vocals) with the BIG ROLL BAND

3 courses £54.00 2 courses £49.00 cover charge £27.00

Bournemouth-born George “Zoot” Money is now regarded as an R&B legend. Inspired by the musicality and showmanship of Ray Charles and Jerry Lee Lewis Zoot formed the first incarnation of the Big Roll Band in 1961. As well as a special homecoming this will also be a celebration to mark his 80th birthday. With friendships and connections with 60s and 70s rock royalty you can expect plenty of anecdotes and some ribald humour. You can also expect serious, no-nonsense musicianship.

Zoot Money will present his own Big Roll Band with Andy Urquhart guesting.

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