FRIDAY 24th JUNE 2022

GILAD ATZMON (saxophone) 

3 courses £54.00 2 courses £49.00 cover charge £27.00

After a five-year absence we are happy to welcome back Gilad Atzmon. Admired as much for his trenchant wit as his fiery, inventive playing, Gilad Atzmon Israeli-born Atzmon has been an inspiring fixture on the UK (also European) jazz scene. Noted mainly for his Orient House Ensemble who blend Middle Eastern and Balkan folk melodies with bebop energy, Gilad Atzmon has also collaborated with Alan Barnes, Pink Floyd, The Blockheads, and Paul McCartney.


“…Atzmon’s albums never quite catch the amiable ferocity of his live shows..” John Fordham, The Guardian

Gilad Atzmon will be accompanied by the Andy Urquhart Quartet

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